Why Attend the Unshaken Conference?

The Unshaken Conference is a one-day event where you will join hundreds of others who are seeking answers on how to navigate the intersection of culture’s pressure and God’s truth. Who gets to decide what is true: God or popular culture? And what has God said about the social issues we face today?

Come and hear from Alisa Childers, Natasha Crain, and Frank Turek—three of today’s leading voices in cultural apologetics. They will share what God’s Word has to say about pressing societal issues and how we can remain faithful in our devotion to Christ.

In Psalm 18:2, David expresses that the Lord is his rock, his fortress, and his deliverer. God is his shield, the horn of his salvation, and his stronghold. When the world around you is unstable, are you seeking refuge in the place where you can remain unmoved? At Unshaken, you will be equipped, emboldened and encouraged to speak truth without fear, to love the way God loves, and to stand firm no matter the cost.